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I'm having some graphical and sound problems in the game; nothing very bad, but I'd like them fixed.
First the sound problems:
When the Hardware Sound Acceleration Level in DirectX is set to anything else other than "no acceleration" some of the voices and sounds in the game have a very high pitch (they sound like chipmunks). The thing is that without acceleration there are sounds in the game that are rendered at a very low quality, they are noisy. They're tolerable, but undesirable.
Graphic problems:
They occur when using the Charm ability (makes you invisible) or the Projection ability (you can control a projection of yourself). When using these abilities the character is supposed to be transparent, but I'm not able to see him at all and it is very difficult sometimes to figure out where I am.
Any help in solving these problems will be appreciated.

EDIT: [URL="DxDiag.txt[/URL]"]DxDiag.txt[ /URL]
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