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Okay, like my post in the Far Cry Forums, this is basically a few tips for players having problems in the game. SO here are some of my tips and strategies:
1) NEVER EVER RUN OUT INTO THE OPEN!!! Seriously, you basically become a rabbit in an open field during hunting season. Press the E key to stick to walls and low cover, which makes you nearly invisible.
2) Crouch while you walk in a heavily populated enemy area (Like 3-6 enemies. That's a lot in this game. I'm a veteran at this game, having beaten it on all consoles.). This makes you a smaller target, makes you more silent when walking, and makes stealth easy.
3) Don't blame the game's camera for your death. Seriously, I know it is a pain in the arse at some times, but learn to multi-task.
4) Assess the gun for the situation.
Pistol: Use when small amount of enemies.
Tranquilizer and Heavy Tranquilizer: Silent but has only 1 round per clip, latter has 3. A shot to the upper and lower body makes them dizzy and their aim gets way worse, but you need a second shot to put them down. Aim for the head for an instant knockout. Plus, it is a silent gun. =)
SMG/Soviet Rifle/ETC...: Uses when in a crowded room. Usually has 30 shots per clip and is very loud. Use only when necessary.
Sniper Rifle: I believe it's silent never been caught when shooting it. Great aim in third person view, first person view is so so.
Shotgun: Well, what needs to be said? It's loud, powerful, and evil. Use in a small room.
5) Use Psi powers when needed. For example, when in stealth use it to mess with the guards (I love releasing the bees in the 3rd level.), in combat use it to scare or kill them, and to sneak around and posses enemies when needed (SEWER LEVEL HINT HINT).
6) Use alternative routes such as air ducts. Really helpful.
7) Use NPCS to your advantage. If you can, posses them. If not, psi blast are fun to use if you have the gun power.
8) COVER COVER COVER!!! This will reduce death in gun fights. Plenty of stupid players will say they die from lack of cover. UUHHHHH, walls????????
9) Avoid walking on dead enemies, especially in stealth segments. The enemy will follow them and find you. Or maybe you want them to? Plant a trap by walking over a body, hide somewhere like a door or air duct, and fire, telekenetically choke or throw object, or psi blast them. A psi blast kills instantly, except for the radius one in which only ones standing near you die.
10) And for god's sake, if you are able to find a computer shut off cameras. If not, uses TK to turn them off and mess with gurads.
I hope this helps you. Post your tips here if you want!!! =+)
I have issues getting the girl out of the asylum, she doesn't coop with me. How the hell do I get her moving? Any tips?
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Tantrix: I have issues getting the girl out of the asylum, she doesn't coop with me. How the hell do I get her moving? Any tips?
If she becomes startled, you can use the charm/persuade/"Force Invisibility" power to get her to stop crying and follow you.