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Are you guys still working on getting this back? Is there any chance of it returning (nice work on Dark Fall 1&2, btw!)? I'd rather wait to buy it here if the details are still being hammered out. Please, more votes :) There are worse games on GoG & telepathy/pshukinesis/telekinesis games have ALWAYS been down the chart. It is a true shame you cannot get it from anywhere.

Greatly underrated game, when I owned it. Now that I have a notebook without a CD drive, I'd rather buy it here.

With 3DAnalyze one can run it with low-end computers...
I would really like the chance to purchase this again... I can't believe I missed it.
What's the matter with this game? I am forced to play via a copy because I don't understand all this copyright bullshit. Hope they will put it again and then I will buy it.
I upvoted it, but I'm not sure how likely it is given the unspecified legal issues. AFAIK, there's no word as to whether the devs threw in the towel for Second Sight, or whether they're trying to sort out the legal issues.