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Hi all,

We've uploaded a new Windows installer ( setup_screencheat_2.1.0.3.exe ) that will update your game to version 1.0.1.

This version contains a wide variety of miscellaneous bugfixes.

Please download the new version at your earliest convenience in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)
I very much like gog, but if there is one thing that i can't stand it's that the updates trickle in very slowly, i.e. days, sometimes weeks late. I experienced this on other recent games already (Spelunky, Ascendant)

Screen cheat is on 1.0.3 on gog right now, while the following patches have been released:

- 5.12.: Release of patch 1.1.0
- 8.12.: Release of patch 1.1.1

I know you were formerly known as "good old games" and you needn't care about updates, but by now you could have figured out a faster way to update your games.
I was wondering why I couldn't play with a friend who owns the Steam version, then only today noticed the version number difference, probably it is due to this :/
Me too, I would like to see my Screencheat up to date, please GOG. :)