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After putting 13 hours into the game I ran into an issue with some of the achievments since they won't unlock when completed.

Those achievments are: "Bonafide" (start the game) and the six secret ones that probably have to do with the Subverting and hero rescue path.

Already tried un- and reinstalling the game and starting from the very begining but with zero success
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Do you start game through launcher? Achievements don't unlock for me if i launch game directly.
Having the same problem with the "Bonafide" achievement not unlocking/triggering/activating; been playing ALL my games through the GOG Galaxy client, it's the ONLY achievement I haven't been able to unlock, ALL of the other achievements, I've been able to unlock.

Absolutely abysmal, that THEE first achievement that you're supposed to be able to unlock automatically, won't unlock; not a good look for the developer!
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