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This is the best method to enjoy the game with much less issues as possible:

1) Visit

2) Click on the Peixoto's patch to send you to another website, scroll a little bit down and find another link to download the file.

3) Extract the Peixoto zip file.

4) Open the file to view the contents and click on the "Help.exe"

5) Once the program is running, check on the left, there is a list of games and find Sanitarium and click on it. On the right side there is an explanation of what the patch does and below you can change the settings too. I personally left everything as it is.

6) Press the "Start" and find the "sntrm.exe" file in your hard drive(where you install the game)

7) The game will run, after that quit the game and while the program Help.exe is still running, select "Create Shortcut" to create a shortcut for the game to the Desktop.

8) And done. The game will work perfectly without sound, mouse, graphic issues. BUT unfortunately there is the possibility for crashes sometimes during Video sequence or some puzzles so save often. From all the solutions that I tried this one was the most stable with much more less crashes.


a) On the Main Menu of the game choose the Keyboard Config and change the Quick Save Key button to another button. Note that your quick save game will always be store on the last file number 25. You have to load your Quick Save through the Main Menu. The Quick Load Key is not working.

b) The Helper.exe program contains also Compatibility mods for the game so you can experiment which one is working best for your PC

c) In the Main Menu go to the Text Options and enable subs for the videos and in-game.

d) For other useful tips to solve the crashing of the game refer to this website: