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Hi all,

We've uploaded a new installer for SRPG that will update your game to version 2.0.3. PLease download the new installer to ensure you have the latest version of the game :)



* Reduced random boss hp and atk by 10%
* Reduced mana thresh max damage
* Reduced trample max damage
* Modified curse indicator
* Vengeful enemies can no longer kill player

* Fixed one hit KO bug
* Fixed another double KO bug


* Fixed double KO bug
* Fixed weaponless victory bug
* Fixed mute/unmute commands bug
* Fixed Ultimate damage bug
* Fixed several grammar bugs
* Fixed keystone HP bug


* Added many new art assets
* Added two new music tracks

* Modified mark status effect help index
* Farther distance is now a comma
* Updated misc combat index to include Dazing
* Clarified Ambush mechanic

* Fixed Hunter mark bug
* Fixed several display bugs
* Fixed Assassin damage bonus bug
* Fixed wakeup prompt bug
* Fixed various damage bugs
* Fixed Enraged display bug
* Fixed Ult combo damage bug
* Fixed settings menu caps bug
* Fixed Lunatic/Survival unlock bug

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Castruccio: Will the GOG version be updated soon? The steam version is now 4 patches ahead of GOG.
Yes, it will be :)