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Hi all,

We've uploaded a new installer for SRPG that will update your game to version 2.0.3. PLease download the new installer to ensure you have the latest version of the game :)



* Reduced random boss hp and atk by 10%
* Reduced mana thresh max damage
* Reduced trample max damage
* Modified curse indicator
* Vengeful enemies can no longer kill player

* Fixed one hit KO bug
* Fixed another double KO bug


* Fixed double KO bug
* Fixed weaponless victory bug
* Fixed mute/unmute commands bug
* Fixed Ultimate damage bug
* Fixed several grammar bugs
* Fixed keystone HP bug


* Added many new art assets
* Added two new music tracks

* Modified mark status effect help index
* Farther distance is now a comma
* Updated misc combat index to include Dazing
* Clarified Ambush mechanic

* Fixed Hunter mark bug
* Fixed several display bugs
* Fixed Assassin damage bonus bug
* Fixed wakeup prompt bug
* Fixed various damage bugs
* Fixed Enraged display bug
* Fixed Ult combo damage bug
* Fixed settings menu caps bug
* Fixed Lunatic/Survival unlock bug

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Thanks Judas! Oh gahd, just yesterday I got killed by the vengeful bug, nice to see it is fixed and GOG already uploaded!
Judas, thank you very much for the changelog.

Heroes of Might and Magic II has now been put on the back burner.

I can't stop playing Sanctuary RPG Black Edition. I never thought a text-based game could be so much fun.

Thank you GOG for getting it.
Will the GOG version be updated soon? The steam version is now 4 patches ahead of GOG.
Castruccio: Will the GOG version be updated soon? The steam version is now 4 patches ahead of GOG.
Yes, it will be :)
Ok thanks. The developer appears to be updating the game almost every day. Another update has been released to steam in the past few hours.