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Sam & Max Hit the Road Tweak Guide

The version of Sam & Max uses ScummVM, which allows a lot of tweaks to be applied. The main tweaks I will show you is having an aspect ratio correct full screen image as well as improved music by using General MIDI sound fonts.

I cover the following topics:

- Upgrading ScummVM from version 1.6 to 1.7
- Getting an aspect ratio correct full screen image
- Using a virtual MIDI device and soundfonts
- Configuring the game for using General MIDI
- Adjusting volume to better hear the dialogue

Link to BASSMIDI virtual MIDI device:

Link to VirtualMIDISynth virtual MIDI device:

Link to some soundfonts on my website:
Post edited March 01, 2015 by philscomputerlab
Thanks for your great videos! They've helped me a lot!

I do have a quick question on this one. I use the VirtualMidySynth, not the BassMidi, like you do. However, I don't see it listed as one of the devices I can select, like you selected the BassMidi device. Does it work differently and I just select the Windows Synth and VirtualMidy automatically grabs it?