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We ll have to rescue several games and update their scenarios to this game s graphics level. It will not be easy to revert to some games once met this level of graphical depiction and character control. IN details other games have better programming but overall this one wins! Doom on steroids graphic-wise and in character expression. NO one noticed it contains a face reconstruction / spoken portrait engine? I could also recognize the body crash simulator used to evaluate crash accidents. And is it not one of these war games engines what s behind the missiles weapon? Fantastic when you pause and see the world take REAL PICTURE QUALITY. You even get use to its superman like inaccuracy when shooting unlike in Doom. I did purchase another game here, currently forgotten, with similar idea theme and world but character control simply does not function despite the scenarios being very nice. If there could be a conversion... Videogames should follow the line of this game and older 3D titles converted.
What game do you talk about?
It has to be SR3, because “once met this level of graphical depiction and character control” can not be about SR2 unless the whole post is meant ironically.