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Hi guys, like most I consider Saints Row 2 to be the best in the series but Saints Row 3 just happens to be my personal federate despite it's obvious flaws. Weather you're playing for the first time or if this is your second time. I have some simple tips for you to help you get the most out of your Saints Row experience.

First I want be talking about mods because I haven't got any experience with any and just want to stick with vanilla for this one cheers.

1. Disable DLC. One of the first thing new comers should do is disable some DLC. Fortunately this has been done for you by the latest GOG patch. (GOG are awesome, this is already much better then the Steam version) However, if this is your second time playing the game then you might as well have it and jump straight into things.

2. Save your game on every mission. (Unlike Saints Row 2 SW 3 doesn't have a mission select.) Disappointing I know but there's always the old fashion way of dealing with it, by simply remembering to save your game for every mission. This is a good habit for most games anyway.

3. Be careful what your upgrade: SW3 gives you the ability to upgrade your health and damage. DON'T! One of the DLCs gives you access to the games cheats and this is one of the best things in all honesty. Because unlike upgrades cheats can be turned off. You can upgrade yourself to the point where bullets and explosions no longer hurt you and there will be no way to back to how things were. You can still upgrade your health and regeneration and the game will still be somewhat of a challenge, but I still say it's better to lower the difficulty then it is to upgrade your health. Might be a shot to your ego but again you can't reverse it. Same goes for ammo, remember you have access to cheats that will give you unlimited ammo and clip making these upgrades redundant and better left alone.

SW3 has balance issues no doubt but there are ways around them. I hope this helps people and please remember this is for the vanilla game. I am yet to check out some of the mods. Awww replay value, how I've missed you.
Well, do I understand right? You recommend to cheat in this game?
Maxvorstadt: Well, do I understand right? You recommend to cheat in this game?
Late reply is late. in short, yes. Because cheats can be turned off while upgrades can't. Upgrading health and damage to stats will have identical affects to the cheats minus the ability to deactivate.
But, if we don't want to use the cheats, we have to make as we want,
for those cheats we didn't turned on, then all of them can't be turned off either (they are already off).
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