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Hi, I started to play SR2 a few years ago but was put off early on as I found the controls (and responsiveness to those controls) somewhat unweildly and clunky. This was the case whether I tried to play with Keyboard(/mouse) or 360 controller

People on the steam forums when I asked about this mentioned the Poor PC port as the problem and reasurred that SR3 would be better. I certainly had no problems when I played the later game.

So with everyone praising the improvement in frame rate how is the control issue now, any improvements ?
Hmm, I didn't realise the game was on sale so cheep. For the price of a costa coffee I'll just buy it anyway and find out myself :)
So to answer my own question, from a few minutes of play none of the clunkiness I remember is there.
Controls feel smooth and intuitive with a 360 controller. :D

The tutorial could do with demonstrating what the controller buttons do rather than the keyboard/mouse commands, when you're using a controller, but the game's forgiving at that stage so you've time to figure out what each button does.
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Look into the Gentlemen of the Row mod and the higher quality music mentioned elswhere in these forums. There are options to set that allow swapping the keyboard and mouse instructions for 360 or PS3 ones. You can also restore some of the original clothing/tattoos that the mod modifies by default. I love the level of character customization in SRTT and I like how well it runs compared to SR2 but without the street gang theme SRTT loses all of its predecessor's charm.