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I'm currently wondering if I should refund the game. My main gripe was the 30FPS cap which was a horrible eyestraining experience. Now, I removed the FPS cap and the game runs at about 37FPS (even in menu it seems to be hardlocked at 40 FPS) while driving and while 7 FPS don't sound like much of an improvement it's much better and somewhat acceptable for me.

So far I experienced no issues whatsoever (no speedup or crashed and cutscenes are in sync) - but I only played for a few minutes at a time for testing so I wonder if I can expect any issues further into the game. Also it would be nice to get the framerate more in the range of 60FPS if at all possible.

Windows 7 Pro 64Bit
Intel Core I5 4690k (not overclocked)
Nvidia GTX 960 4G
8GB 2133 DDR3 RAM

Edit: Damn, appearently I got 5 answers already - shame that I can't see any of them. Would be really nice if GOG kept the forum up and running during sales.
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