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I am an old gamer not familiar with forums but I tempt it
I played the demo yesterday and loved it. So I've just bought the game today.
Is there a way to use the demo save and how to do it please ?
I got attached to my character and doesn't want to replay the beginning of the game with this one.
Is it possible ?
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Hello there,

I apologize for the delay, but yes, you can continue with the same character in the full game:

1) in the title screen click on Continue

2) now you are in the character selection screen = the character you played in the demo should be visible

3) click on Checkpoints and select the Checkpoint with the most progress

4) click on Restart

Once again sorry for my tardy reply and please let me know about your experience in the game :)

Thank You for your respond

Sad I had to replay last chapter, but I remembered well my choices ;-)

Until now I really like your game.
Old RPG gamer (56 years old) I remember the ADD books imported from USA where all choices could be made.
The multiplicity of choices and impacts are now immerging me in an old paper and dice RPG experience.
TY for the replay last decision button that really helps making the choices we want to.
TY for selling your game on GOG (saw it a bit cheaper last week somewhere else but I do not want being kept behind DRM/Internet/a seller)

Good luck for the continuation (work hard !!!! ;-) )

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thank you for letting me know, I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the game.

Yes, I set out to capture the essence of a pen & paper experience in a modern video game adaptation. And for me a pen & paper live session with friends never was about the checkboard combat, but about coming up with clever ways how to tilt the odds into your favor, and about reading the room and the Game Master's characters.

I appreciate the feedback and your kind words.

Kind regards,
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