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Hello everyone,

This update adds a 3rd path through the Act 2 Finale.

You can now take a less dangerous role in the 'Royal Feud' that is not cowardly, and act as a supportive character for the heroes fighting in the courtyard:

1) you can stay in the main hall and join Etain/guard sent to fetch reinforcements = attack the raiders guarding the fort gate and let your people in

2) or if you rejected Morrigan's invitation into the main hall, when you see armed raiders enter the fort, you can slip inside and when things in the main hall escalate, you can now open the fort gates for your people and bring in reinforcements into the fort = defend the fort gate against the raiders sent to keep it closed

3) both these paths lead to a 3rd risk chain decides if you manage to cauterize his wound on time

Enjoy! All feedback is welcome and appreciated