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Hey everyone,

To boost role-playing even more, we’re adding a lot of new player choices and story beats to the game based on your feedback and suggestions. A big thank you to all of the testers on Discord for helping us make these new additions as immersive, tense, and fun as possible!

NOTE: there will be spoilers ahead for Act 2 — proceed at your own risk!


Yes, you can kill your opponents in both Act 2 duels
Yes, you can avoid all injury in Act 2 (both the back-stabbing and the spear)

Here are the changes and additions in detail:


There are some changes even before the battle begins. You can now stop Ygrain from leaving the safe spot before the battle.

NOTE: There is no penalty if you don't stop Ygrain. Overall, this update respects your progress, so you don’t have to replay Act 2 if you’re happy with your playthrough.

The ‘Rescue Brian’ scene is now a proper risk chain,
with smart choices making the rescue run a little bit easier.

You can avoid getting stabbed by Flavius.
Your allies, be it your feathered companion Talon, or a former rival like Morl can warn you and help you dodge the cowardly backstabbing. If it’s Talon who warns you, make sure to feed him afterward :)

You can kill the Roman commander Flavius.
The Romans get a more thorough implementation as a beast with many heads. There are multiple Roman commanders leading the punitive raid, some obsessive like Flavius, some more rational. Gaining insights about them is crucial when making choices that will impact who you’ll be facing in the final battle in Act 3.


The male protagonist’s playthrough gets three romance beats in Act 2.
Clair’s is part of her expanded backstory, which is itself full of new choices that can dramatically alter her fate. Etain comes to repay the favor, if you took care of her while she was unconscious at the beginning of the game, and keep you company, while you recover after the safe spot battle. And Morrigan can reveal her softer side after the pivotal royal feud battle if you manage to save her son. She plays a more active role in the courtyard aftermath and saving her son can elevate your status even if your protagonist's heart is already taken.

The female protagonist’s playthrough
gets all the nuanced text variations contributed by the talented Jennie Kong, and a better Leif introduction in the ‘Ygrain questions the threat’ and ‘Crying girl’ scene in Act 1. Besides Leif, new romance beats are reserved for Act 3, due to the male characters being introduced a little later in the story.


You can avoid getting spear-stabbed by Kean's man.
Again, your companions and allies might help to make this easier, or you can just get lucky. Furthermore, you can dodge Wid slamming into you, keeping a zero pre-scripted damage path possible.

You can kill Kean - let’s be honest, he had it coming