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Hello everyone!

Today's update features quite a few fixes, additions, and tweaks based on community feedback. The Discord has been buzzing with great discussion about the game lately, so thank you for all of your valuable feedback!

We will share the full patch notes at the bottom, but some highlights include:

Refined some early scenes, getting rid of 'tilted' characters (also applies to the demo).
Refined camera animations in-game and in the intro cinematic.
Added a tutorial/reminder for paid successes and other triggers.

Act 2 News
As you know, COVID has pushed the release of Act 2 back a bit. That said, we've been making big strides in its development, and we expect to fully launch Act 2 in July!

Summer Sale
Summer is here! And with that, of course, comes the Summer Sale. For the duration of the sale, you can pick up Sacred Fire at 20% off! Picking up the game will also allow you to get a first experience of Act 2 on our testing branch.

Full Patch Notes

Visual additions
- Refine the opening scenes (remove tilted characters)
- Refine camera animation in-game and in the Intro cinematic
- Add background horizontal swap on closeup camera on character change
- Refine the "Catch Etain" and remove risk chain bonus leftovers
- Improve the "Resist Berserk" visual scene setup
- Change the "Herd Escape" branch rewards to a new background location art
- Add Brian to the People Tab followers' insight visual scene

Visual fixes
- Fix "Choose Your Path" swapped backgrounds
- Fix the wrong background in the "Send Them Away or Let Them Stay" choice
- Fix legionnaire combat "Tree" Risk Chain character art
- Prevent missing character art due to non-existing weapon art

Audio additions
- Add missing voice-over lines to Act 1 scenes

UI additions
- Add tutorial “Click Control Button” and "Click Choice Percentage" reminders (triggered once per game launch on Paid Success, Low Success Chances, Control Drain)
- Refine the "Click Control" tooltips and tutorial texts
- Refine character pronouns in tooltips

UI Fixes
- Fix emotion overflow explanation
- Fix HP tooltip, so that HP regeneration corresponds with active game difficulty
- Fix Character Screen People Tab replay chapter renown values
- Fix People Tab NPC Face tooltip (use Story NPC names and NPC pronouns)
- Fix PC rank counting deceased or not yet introduced characters
- Fix Progress Modal Next Rank tooltip not filtering characters based on being already introduced and alive, and not using character story names
- Fix NPC screen motivation overflow after PC outranks them

Act 1 Story additions
- Refine "Abandon Hunt" choice effects in the "Deer Hunt" scene
- Refine the "Boast About the Deer Hunt" scene, rewarding the fifty strides shot
- Add enemies Insight "They have been subjugated recently"
- Add a non-violent option to the intimidate Morl by "Pretend to blow the alarm horn" branch
- make Morl "Out for Blood" if humiliated in combat (spit, slap)
- make Morl getting banished conditions more robust

Act 1 Story fixes
- Make the "Talk to Wid" scene in Chapter #1 more robust (fix loops)
- Fix the flow in the "Find Wid After You Wakeup" scene
- Fix the "Etain Is Coming" scene to filter out the options if the PC has no weapons
- Fix the game mentioning Raven's location even if the player didn’t learn it from the boy with the stone
- Fix the "Save Raven Cover Fire Only" risk chain not telling the game that you saved the girl
- Fix legacy lines mentioning Raven using bow and arrow instead of a slingshot
- Fix Raven's investigative scene "Let her think" loop
- Fix the "archer botched his shot" text in the "Etain's Life & Death check"
- Add missing stat effects in "Morl Banish" lines
- Fix "Kill Slaver Boy" aftermath choices affecting villagers even when they are not present
- Fix and update Chapter counting
- Fix quite a few typos

Act 1 End Rewards fixes
- Fix rewards increasing wrong attributes
- Fix rewards to precisely designate NPC's stat changes
- Add outfit Comfort stat to show up in Choice Effects

Combat fixes
- Fix the game not turning Combat off after knocking out Morl and choosing to "stand down"
- Fix the Risk Chain Bonus being set to zero in the combat "Flee" risk chain's last dice roll
- Make combat opponent switching more robust
- Fix NPC anger working in your favor in Speed PC vs. NPC combat attack checks
- Fix Morl's combat "Yield" scene line order mixup
- Fix the damage tooltip (PC hp bar floating text) to use correct character pronouns
- Fix the motivation penalty tooltip for NPC extra effort (close call defense)

Code fixes
- Fix Insight Boosting and Bonus Insight Experience and Renown Points
- Fix keyboard controls: "SHIFT + 1|2|3|4" boosts choices as intended
- Make the "Paid Success" code more robust
- Cap the FPS on game startup to avoid GPU fan noise

Localization prep
- Prepare tooltips for languages with character name declension

- Rebalance 'the Strong' title

And that's it for today's update! We hope you enjoy these changes and are as excited as we are for Act 2. If you are, consider joining the community on Discord and getting a taste early.
Act 2 this month! (July 2022) According to my GOG account, I spent 3 hours and 42 minutes on Act I about 8 months ago and - from what I recall - really enjoyed it. Hoping for a solid 6 hour session sometime soon :)

Sacred Fire - Update, Summer Sale, Act 2 Art, And More!
Fri, June 24, 2022 @ 1:16 AM CDT

Act 2 News and Artwork
As you know, COVID has pushed the release of Act 2 back a bit. That said, we've been making big strides in its development, and we expect to fully launch Act 2 in July!
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