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Hello everyone!

I'm back with another update, focusing on improving story beats with important characters in Act 1. I know you're all excited for the testing of Act 2 to begin, and it's precisely the writing of new scenes that triggered the need for more character interaction in Act 1. The first act now serves as a rock-solid foundation for what comes next, and I appreciate your patience in this.

Please note that old saves will not be compatible with this update, as it adds many changes to the story, as well as stat changes to the influence checks when both you and a rival character try to win the crowd.

Morl resurfaces now in many scenes with interesting consequences.

- Morl will resurface (if alive) and can be an ally or enemy depending on your earlier choices.
- Added an assassination scene — Morl might try to get you killed.
- If you survive Morl's assassination attempt, you can try to have Morl banished. But can you prove what happened or will he slip away? Will important figures support you, or did your previous choices erode their trust?

Chapter 1 (Demo)
- Morl yields and becomes an ally more frequently in battle.
- Added Teach Morl to respect you options after knocking him out, good and bad variants.
- Added a Sneak back and shoot Morl in the back option. How will your character perform the deed? How will you rationalize it? You could botch the execution and have Morl flee and plot his revenge.
- Added dialogue options and Wid's reactions to these new choices with Morl (and the option to not tell Wid of course).

Another important character in the first act, we've given Raven's scenes some more refinement.

- Rescue Risk Chain rework
- Better characters position setup in many shots
- new risk chain variants for solo playthrough (without Etain)
- Raven can fall captive and you need to escape 2 archers flanking you

- Raven's true name — added an investigation scene
- If you notice Wid's reaction to Ygrain calling her Raven Child.
- After you save Raven and gain her trust, you can start unraveling the truth.
- This includes 5 new insights about Ygrain, Raven, and the life of orphans in the community.
- A variant where the player, the girl, and Etain can tease each other.

Note: these new scenes with Morl and Raven currently do not have Voice-Over. This will be added later when recording for Act 2 begins. You can expect an update on the Act 2 timeline in the coming weeks.

- Life & death check refined flow + Raven’s involvement more important

The game now tracks:
- A flawless victory (not getting injured) - gives a motivation boost
- Humiliation (Morl will seek vengeance even if you let him live)

Feedback Implementation
- Remove forced ‘hand in hand’ result while waiting for a healer at Etain’s bed
- Add Mercy kill to combat
- Explain why you put Raven on your shoulders in the Bear encounter scene
- Raven uses a slingshot (as she can’t draw an adult’s bow)
- Inform about Choose Your Path before making the choice + why some options are unavailable after picking up duties
- Refine Wid introducing watch duty when you decide to stay inside
- Refine Raven inquiry about why you did or did not stay behind to kill all slavers
- Refine Morl and Ygrain introduction texts so players can make up their own minds about them
- Fix hilltop branch going to the watchtower in one instance
- Refine Insights: explain better what makes these specific recruits in the roman army more likely to withdraw

- Fix some combat risk chains options missing in centurion duel
- Fix ‘hide from slavers’ all party variants (Etain, Raven, rescued slaves YES/NO)
- Remove superfluous Risk Chain Bonus from catch Etain’s fall check

- Act 1 localization start, cleanup
- Optimized texture format saves 30MB of download and 60MB of install space

Thank you for your support, patience and feeback, I appreciate it.