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Hello everyone, this update is focused on quality of life improvements:

1) text reveal animation settings - control the speed, turn it ON/OFF

Not everyone reads at the same speed as others, especially when English isn't a native language. This setting will allow you to set the speed at which text appears to your own liking, letting everyone experience the story at their own pace.

2) We've also improved how the game handles old saves. There was a bug with incompatible (old) save files when certain updates got pushed, causing an infinite loading screen. The game will now scan your save file to see if it is compatible with the current version, and if it isn't compatible, the game will not try to load.

3) And last but not least, story flow in several scenes is improved (e.g. the scene when Wid asks you whether you accept the watch post, there was an edge case when packing your thing was duplicated, etc.).

Work continues on the brand new Act 2 scenes. Thank you for your support and patience.

Kind regards,
For some reason this update only has been made available for the Windows offline installers, not for Mac or Linux. Meanwhile, for the demo, it's only available for Linux, not for Mac or Windows.
Could you have a look at where the process has stalled, and give it a kick? Thanks! :)

And while I'm here, I'd like to say that I really appreciate that you so diligently post updates for each and every release! Thank you!
One small suggestion: Might be worth combining them all into a single thread titled "Changelog". That at least is the 'standard' for most game forums here on gog, whether maintained by the developer or by the community.
Hey there, well met. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it, it's a rare case that someone can check all three platforms, so I'm very grateful for you keeping an eye out for me and letting me know.

I checked the 2.5.9 update in my GoG Galaxy client, and both the Demo, and the main game run the 2.5.9 version. I've asked GoG to test OSX and Linux. Could it be the case that you have Automatic Updating turned off for certain version of the game?

Also thank you for the one changelog thread tip, it makes sense.
I'm on Linux, so Galaxy isn't available for me, which means I rely on the downloadable offline installers (found on the game card on - expand the "Download offline backup game installers" toggle at the bottom). Given gog's focus on DRM-free software, many Windows and Mac users also choose to use these installers rather than Galaxy.

For previous updates, when you created update threads, offline installers would always be available for all three platforms, but with this update, only one OS each got the update (and a different one at that for the demo and the full game). Hopefully a simple hickup somewhere in the build pipeline?
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I see that the offline installer of 2.5.9 for Mac just appeared. Still waiting for Linux, but this looks hopeful. :)
This is great feedback, thank you - I'm in touch with people at GoG to sort this out. Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it.
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poeticstudio: This is great feedback, thank you - I'm in touch with people at GoG to sort this out. Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it.
You're welcome. And, I see the Linux version now as well. Thanks! :)