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Hey everyone!

1. Points Re-allocation Limit

The first big change in today's update is the limiting of re-allocating points to once per chapter.
- So the story flow is not interrupted by the temptation to re-allocate the points yet again for yet another dice roll
- But you never feel like you made a mistake and can’t get your points back
- We also allow to remove wealth upgrades on a story step with choices costing wealth, so you never feel like you can’t allocate your wealth points out of fear of a choice coming up that costs more than you have left

2. UI Options: Hide Choice Effect Value

Second, you can now hide the exact values that choices can have on stats separately.
- You know the choice affects a stat, but you have to read the choice text to know which way
- So that you both rely on role-playing and not clicking choices based on stat effects only
- But at the same time don’t feel like a choice had an unexpected effect

3. Other changes

- Show NPC name in floaty texts if more than 1 NPC in the scene
- Add save support for Demo to Early Access build
- Fix bugs around saving the game's ending and Ironman unlocking
- Death in Ironman mode reloads the game start checkpoint instead of exiting into the Title screen
- Fix choice effect Idea level upgrade: unlock Idea if not yet unlocked, grant 50 pts if Idea already maxed out
- Fix character screen showing wrong characters in Chapter 'GHOST'
- Change music in the rescue Raven scene

That's today's update! Try these changes out for yourself and let us know what you think of them.

What's next?
- Story: several fixes when skipping dialogues, and abandoning characters
- UI and game mechanics fixes around NPC characters death
Post edited December 13, 2021 by poeticstudio