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Hello everyone!

Today's update contains more bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback in these areas:

User experience, player agency

- Added an icon to choices that loop back, to inform players which choices move the story forward

Character creation

- Improved Blocks attributes and Blocks resistance tooltips
- Fixed +/- link highlighting not disappearing on hover off
- Fixed mismatched attributes effect on beauty/menace
- Fixed preset traits highlighted icons mismatch


- Berserk eliminates fear, thus your attacks have a higher chance to hit
- Radical Attack has an NPC dice roll step, so even pulling it off does not guarantee an instant win opportunity

Morl, when not enraged, does not kill you in the duel:

- when you run out of hit points, but you fought well and managed to win his respect, Morl only knocks you out
- when player uses the flee option, Morl only shouts insults
- BUT if Morl is enraged he will use deadly force in both situations

Wear Out tactic made more accessible

- Your character's Close call and Effortless defense now both grant +1 MP
- Your character's Critical miss no longer causes -1 MP, just a penalty to anger/fear


- Separate combat attack, defense, enemy turn start, player turn start texts
- Hard and soft checks click on choice improvements


- Fixed typos and Raven/Luan name usage mix-ups

And this is what we're planning for the next update

Limit allocation of points to once per chapter

- so the story flow is not interrupted by the temptation to re-allocate the points yet again for yet another dice roll
- but you never feel like you made a mistake and can’t get your points back
+ allow to remove wealth upgrades on a story step with choices costing wealth, so you never feel like you can’t allocate your wealth points out of fear of a choice coming up that costs more than you left un-allocated

Hide choice effects values

- you know the choice affects a stat, but you have to read the choice text to know which way
- so that you both rely on role-playing and not clicking choices based on stat effects only
- But at the same time don’t feel like a choice had an unexpected effect

Other changes

- Fix bugs around Ironman unlocking and checkpoints when reaching the game’s end
- Story: several fixes when skipping dialogues, abandoning characters
- UI and game mechanics fixes around NPC characters death

And of course work will continue on writing and editing the scenes for Act 2.

Let us know what you think of this patch, and what's coming up next!
Post edited December 02, 2021 by poeticstudio