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I am usually wary to buy indev.

But given that it is a narrative RPG and also a 1-dev. project, I am inclined to do so.
But the question is, what is the currently planned timeline?

With kind regards
Hello Marlowe,

thank you for reaching out, yes that's important info: the game will be in development for another 6 - 9 month.

- the current build is the 1st of 3 acts, so it can be enjoyed as a self contained story
- the game will be expanded with Act 2 and Act 3
- character art will be upgrade with more customization, poses and expressions
- you can also expect improvements in overall polish, quality of life and balancing
- currently I can confirm the game will be localized to German, Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish for full release

There is also a free demo available, to get a taste of the experience.

Kind regards,
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Thanks for the fast reply.


As I said, I like the concept, and I hope to enjoy playing the game, when it is finished.
Thank you for your support and patience, I appreciate it. Also the price will increase as we move towards full release, so I'm glad you could benefit from the current price.
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