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Hi everyone. I seem to be running into some control issues. For some reason many of the keybindings (like wasd for moving around) don't work unless I keep ctrl or the windows button pressed as well. Very annoying. I ran into this problem with another game (Dust, an Elysian tale) as well and was never able to solve it. Any ideas?
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Do you think it has something to do with your keyboard language layout settings? I heard of some games where the controls are not working properly because of windows keyboard layout settings, especially European keyboards.
I seem to have found a solution, but a halfbaked one at that. If I press the windows button, use one of ´wasd´ keys and release the windows key before releasing one of the ´wasd´ keys, that key is now recognized by the game. I have to do this each time I enter the game though, each time I load a saved game too, and even when I enter a new area, or after a cutscene. It´s far from ideal, so a more permanent suggestion is still welcome.
I have the exact same problem. while I can use all the other keys, i'm not able to move Ragnar with WASD or else. Even the windows-key-solution does not work for me =(

Who can help us with this issue, please!

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Qbert: Even the windows-key-solution does not work for me =(
Hmm, for me it also works with the ctrl button instead of the windows button, so you can try that too. Press ctrl, press w, release ctrl, release w, in that order. Than the same for the other buttons. I had to set 'c' like that as well.