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Hi, is there a way to reduce the sensitivity of the analog sticks of a gamepad?

I'm using an xbox360 controller and the camera turns way too fast.
I'd like to second this question. I tried using an XBox controller as well, but the speed of the camera makes it too difficult.
Go to options, then to to the Game tab and go to Advanced Options. Look for the Joystick drop down menu if you have a controller plugged in and change the ScaleRUV and ScaleXYZ value (it's 1000.000000 by default) to something more manageable (about 60~120 should be fine). If you need need to invert Y axis for looking, while in the Advanced Options go to the Advance drop down menu then go to Raw Key Binding and look for the binding "Axis aLookUp speed=-2". Change the "-" next to the equal sign to a "+" and you should have inverted Y axis without inverting your movement.

Now I need help with using the triggers on an Xbox 360 controller and stop the game from using the "Pause" command when I try to map "ShowMenu" on the Start button.
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