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Hey, just so you guys know, this also works for Locomotion.
I did what you explained in posts. It starts running, I hear the music, but all I have is white screen.
Is there any way you can help me?
Maloris: I did what you explained in posts. It starts running, I hear the music, but all I have is white screen.
Is there any way you can help me?
The fix I discovered might work for RTC2 also since RTC2 & RTC1 are virtually identical.
Thanks so much for this fix! makes one of the best games ever even better!
great work :D
It seems to be forcing the game and desktop to run in 256 color mode which makes everything nauseating to look at. Is there a way to fix this? Could this be a bug, or does it have to do with my computer?
Thanks for the hack, works great!
But i can't seem to save or load anything, since it won't open a file dialog window.
It just dont open, without returning any errors.


Nevermind, the genius here has set the compatibility mode to Windows 95, and that apparently stops the game from creating any dialog window. Just disabled compatibility mode and everything worked out just fine.
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Fantastic, thanks.
The hack works fine on Win7-64, but doesn't seem to work on Win XP pro (with directx9c).

I should point out that I'm using Cameyo to run the game on a computer on which I don't have admin rights.
The window does appear fine, but then no graphics draw at all, I can hear the music and sounds very well and click buttons blindly in game. Nothing appears inside the window.

The game works fine in full screen without the hack. I couldn't get any log from the rct2-debug version you posted earlier. Is the log supposed to get created in the same folder?

Anyway, great hack, thanks a ton Toad_King.
When I open the game it loads (i have 4 monitors) half off of the edge of the far monitor. the mouse won't leave to other screens, and I can't seem to find the in game option for 'windowed mode'.

Can someone help me with this. Pardon my Naivety please.

thanks in advance,
UPDATE - I figured out i need to get to the floppy disk button to get to the options... But my screen loads off center and I cant get any farther 'left' on the screen than the 'eye'. and when i scroll left of that, It just pans the screen left, meaning it thinks I am on the end of the screen.

Please help. Thanks in advance!
I think I found a solution to the mouse pointer not being aligned right, at least for my situation. It seems that when you install this hack, then run the game the mouse will line up fine, but if you change the resolution the mouse will no longer line up.

To fix this, I removed the hack files, and opened the game and set the resolution to what I wanted. After this I closed the game, installed the hack and reopened the game. Now the game opens with the correct resolution and the mouse lines up fine.

The only issue I have now is sometimes when you close dialog boxes the screen will automatically move to the top right of the screen, but this is a minor issue.

Also, sorry if someone already covered this. I skimmed through most of the posts and didn't see anyone suggest this.

Thanks for the hack, I hate when things get stretched to widescreen and turn my ferris wheels into ovals.
Just wanted to say thank you for the window mode fix. Cheers
Working for me.

Would we be able to get this working on Locomotion? I'm going to try it but im not hopeful.


Well, it seems to work actually in Locomotion, but it disables pressing of stuff on the taskbar for some reason?
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Toad_King: I've made a little program for running RCT2 in windowed mode without having to mess around with virtual machines and thought you guys might like it. (the latest version is "")

Just extract everything into your installation folder (Usually "C:\Program Files\GOGcom\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Triple Thrill Pack" or similar) and start the game. It has a couple quirks, but it works great on my end.

Should work on Windows 7 and probably Vista. Not sure about XP.
The link doesn't exist anymore, is there any alternative link for this download???