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in the standalone installer for the game, how do I change the language? The files for all 5 languages are available and the launcher is displayed in the corresponding language, but there is neither a Language Changer nor the option to change the language in the game!

I hope that it's not like "ELIX" that you really have to download a separate installer for each language, although the language is available in each language and only requires different *. ini entries...!
Open "" with notepad and edit the following to desired language...

"buildId": "50597002563414902",
"clientId": "49517683034542828",
"gameId": "2076502816",
"language": "English",
"languages": [

...for example you have a choice of 7 languages to select from;

"German" "de"
"English" "en"
"Spanish" "es"
"French" "fr"
"Italian" "it"
"Chinese (simplified)" "zs"
"Chinese (traditional)" "zt"

Save the edited .info file and enjoy the game in your language!
Post edited October 21, 2017 by T_a_J