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Is there anything i can do when i get caught up in the terrain to free myself? This is for RR not the sequel which i havn't touched yet. My character just seems to stop dead, and while i don't mind bad graphics i find it really hard to tell the differance between passable terrain and not. There is one part early on with an eagle (i think) protecting her nest and i always seem to get stuck around there.
If you just mean regular sloped brown terrain, your only bet is to just wriggle your way out by looking around and trying to move at the same time. The trick is to keep away from steep slopes.
I had my first rage-quit to any game ever over this very issue.
Here's how it played out:

"Oooo, I'll be all clever and walk down that hill to the stream over there. I'm feeling cocky now because I just punched an eagle in the face till it died and then stole it's egg and some feathers... Oh... I can't walk down this hill. Never mind, I'll just walk back up again then.
Hey wait, I'm stuck. Help! HELP!"