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Hi there, I've finally given in and I'm going to give GoG a try. One thing I'd like to know first though.
I tried playing Robinson's Requiem with regular old dosbox a while back and it ran passably, but the big hangup I encountered was inside the first cave you go to after the ownership check thing near the tiger. The game would lock up and the graphics would glitch, while the sounds kept playing. Eventually the character would go "aaaaachoo!" as if he was getting sick. The game was completely unresponsive though.
The question is, how well has the game been optimised, and are there any glaring bugs like this in the GoG edition?
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Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread, but I finally took the plunge and bought the game recently, and I can happily confirm that the issue I mention above is NOT present in the GoG version.

Just updating this in case anyone else had the same hangups about buying that I did.
Thanks for the info Coillscath! ^_^