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A new week has started, and we have yet another small patch, including bugfixes and more.

More Details - 1.0.3:
* The "all achievements" bug should be fixed for good now.
* Reworked the arrows tied to the boat-related quest.
* Fixed various infinite-resources bugs.
* Fixed various bugged interactions, especially at The Foraging Grounds.
* Journeys starting at Gale Rocks and The Beach are now properly calculated and take longer.
* Autosaves occur slightly less frequently, lasting for longer.
* Fixed repellent getting stuck in inventory.
* Fixed typos and other issues with the text.

In Case you missed it - Changelogs v. 1.0.1 + 1.0.2
* Fixed Crash during the ending sequence
* Fixed: Getting stuck at the druids
* Fixed: Not being able to use Aegidia’s help
* Fixed: A problem with the Missing Hunters quest
* Fixed: A problem with getting the reward from Lost Merchant's quest
* Fixed: A problem with the Closed Tunnel for Mages
* Fixed: The player’s name not being correctly displayed under certain conditions
* Fixed: Several typos

* Fixed Several Typos and Grammar errors
* Fixed food rations going into minus / unlimited food bug and money
* Fixed several exception errors

Once again, a big Thank You to all Roadwardens out there. Please keep it up, stay sharp, and have fun on your journey!

Your teams of Moral Anxiety Studio & Assemble Entertainment
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