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Hi all,
i try to run this gamo on a chromebook and fail withth error message you see at the end.
seem soma had similar problems and it could be that
1) the file is broken. Can someone check the MD5sum? mine is: c5ce0e6b2b92a0ca49ab0bd06e018957
2) or somthing else: Somebody an idea?

the message i get when i try to install it.

janb@penguin:~$ sudo ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Roadwarden ( 100%
Collecting info for this system...
Warning: No binaries for "aarch64" found, trying to default to x86...
Operating system: linux
CPU Arch: x86
trying mojosetup in bin/linux/x86
./ 55: /tmp/selfgz2969/bin/linux/x86/mojosetup: Exec format error
Error: Couldn't run mojosetup