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Wonderful game but, the final Titan fight seemed to me too tedious and twitchy so I stopped with several saves just before the fight. About to move on to Risen II so can somebody post a link or address where I can view the final cutscene?

Played five times - seems the easiest is as a magic bullet mage. Frost mage was next easiest followed by fire mage. Much more difficult as an order warrior - especially if you use staffs. They seem great in the beginning since one can get an executioner staff early (46 damage I believe) but since the monestary smith often dies in the lizard raid, getting a better one prior to the titan staff late game makes much of chapters three and four quite difficult while by that time, there are much better swords and axes available. Swords appear to be the weapon of choice since only ogres can train you in axes but monestary types cannot be trained above level 7 except with staff combat. I found the bandit warrior to be near impossible as the only magic is via scrolls even with the ability to train to level 10 in swords.

EDIT: Nevermind - a simple search using "Risen 1" instead of "Risen I" yielded the desired cutscene.
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