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I downloaded the german version of Risen 2, but when I installed it, it was in english. I couldn't find a way to switch the language ingame, so I uninstalled the game, redownloaded it (definitely German) and installed it again, but nothing changed.
Is there any way to switch the languae or is the installer not correct?
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The language settings are stored in %INSTALL_DIRECTORY%\data\ini\ConfigDefault.xml. Change "SubtitleLanguage" and "VoiceLanguage" to German and it should work.
I think i did that manually, too. But i didn't think about it as i'm messing with Risen files all the time.
There should be a Settings.exe in the game folder.

Some of the GOG releases contain multiple languages, install English by default, and you have to use the included Config/Settings tool to select the language.
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