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Hi everyone. It's my first adventure with Risen. I went to the monastery and I become a novice. I ended my journey there and they told me to go to the city to help someone there. So I have quests for Don's crew and for Inquisitor's. I did tasks for Delgado and, cause i wanted to learn pickpocketing and chest opening. In the rest quests I chose the monastery.

I there is the problem. I can learn the pickpocketing and chest opening only on level 2. When I speak with Delgado or Cid there is no speaking option to learn those skills on level 3. I know, that I can learn chest opening from Patty later, but as I read on the Internet, Delgado is the only character, who can teach pickpocketing on lvl 3. Idk maybe I have too low agility?

Any help?


Found information, that must join Don to have pickpocketing skill on lvl 3. Can be closed.
Post edited November 13, 2018 by Mmemens