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Risen 1 isn`t good as Gothic 2/3 but isn`t terrible compared with Risen 3. Seriously. Melee combat is the worst and you need to play from a long time before learn magic. I generally don`t like melee combat in RPG games but in R3 is completely ridiculous how little to no damage you do, how after you click in atack button, the character starts a 6874168741684654684156 second long 720º over-rotating cut and how he can miss at 2m with a pistol.

In fact R1 if you skip(using cheats) some filler quests, the game is very good quite enjoyable. If a Gothic 3 is 9/10, R1 without spiking annoying filler quests is 4/10 and spiking boring quests is 7.5/10.

But in R3, i can`t do anything. The melee combat is so awful that i will give up. Is unplayable. I an stuck in Erasmus quest and can`t do anything to complete.
Only a update. I will not ask refund. In fact the game is quite enjoyable after you join in guardians. To be honest, magic is ridiculous easy compared to melee in this game. I don't know why crossbows(should be effective up to 50m) are only effective at melee range in this game and why the character can't do a simple sword-trust/cut without spending 64684168 eternities doing a 720º rotating overswing cut. And magics that in gothic 3 are high tier armyslaying magics such as fire-rain can be purchased at moment that you join in guardians
Having played the game on multiple platforms, I agree that melee combat is clunky, but I wouldn't go quite so far as to say it's broken. In fact, I actually found points when I enjoyed it. I just had to come to terms with the fact that people and creatures can "teleport" on that charged hard attack... and learn the approx. distance that teleport would cover. But, yes...

... the magic system in this game makes much more sense.

Overall, Risen 3 feels a bit like Two Worlds II to me... unpolished, sometimes glitchy and aggravating, but fun.
Yes, is broken. Morrowind have a bad melee combat, but isn't unplayable(in fact if they change the animation when you miss, morrowind will have a solid RPG combat with a good immersion), this game is different. Each strike is a 720º rotating overswing dancing cut that takes a eternity. Pick a pistol from pocket, fire a round and then put the pistol back is faster than do a sword strike.

And crossbows only effective at melee range... That is ludicrous. If you google crossbow target record, you will see people hitting targets 200+ meters with bow/crossbow. In game, you can't hit a guy 2m away with a crossbow... This game is a torment in melee. With magic is a different story. Is quite fun to be honest. But took 3 hours of torture to be able to join in guardians.
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