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Macos10: Bought this today , installed it under windows 7 which it states it is compatable with, first problem encountered was with the installation, I get a message telling me the drivers the game is trying to install are
older than the ones I have installed, I clicked through this and the game seemed to install.

I opened the the game and started a new game and the intro started, it got about a minute in and crashed to desktop, game is still running but with sound only.

Any ideas anybody ?
Please write to our Support department about this and any other technical issues like this one. Thanks :)
A quick explanation regarding PhysX. The version that is bundled with the game is the only version that guaranteed that the game will run on every system we tested this on. This does not mean that it won't work if you have a newer version of PhysX. You can cancel installation of PhysX if it stalls and, if you have any other version of PhysX in your system, there is a good chance it will run just fine.

TBH, PhysX is pretty weird due to its history - starting from AGEIA, being bought by Nvidia and bundled with GeForce drivers, and then Nvidia releasing legacy versions for older games/systems. It's a nightmare to set straight.

If the game works then don't worry about the one in the installer. If it doesn't, please contact support with technical details.

Have fun with the game ;)
The version we have bundled is 9.09. You can try installing the latest official version of PhysX, or the 9.12 legacy set. It's perhaps the best advice I can give you without knowing more about your system.
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