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I've searched these forums and did some googling, but is there a way to limit the frame rate on Risen 1?

I ask because when I play, my graphics card (GTX 970) works really hard. I have V-Sync turned on, but my graphics card seems to be under a really heavy load (really loud).

I am under the suspicion that the game is rendering much higher than 60fps (my monitor refresh rate) thus resulting in the graphics card working so hard.

Any help would be appreciated.

I found a program called Nvidia Profile Inspector. It allows a max frame rate on all games. I set the max at 70 fps and now my GFX card doesn't go crazy every time I play.
Post edited January 19, 2017 by leebongsmith
I switched to MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner.

I turned on my GPU usage and Risen is frequently using 100%(!) of my GPU (a GTX 970).

Is this happening to anyone else?