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I seem to have bugs drawn to me. OK, DiFuego's murder: I talked to the nightwatch (two of them), picked the chest in Sebastiano's day office, examined the body, have the blade and the hilt, talked to Rodriquez and Vasco, but Sebastiano just shoos me away. I'm ready to leave but I know that will cancel the quest. An I-net search reveals this to be a bug as it has happened to many. Any suggestions?

Also (spoiler) in my search for the above, I found that there should be a legendary item in the same chest in Sebastiano's office (plan of Holm the great). As far as I can tell, it wasn't there. Now, I'm really not sure if I'm playing the enhanced version or not and have no idea what differences that version has to the original. Could this be why it is missing?
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