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1) How to use the split missile properly:

A lot of people don't know how to use the split missile properly. You must hold whatever your fire button is, and release it when you want the missiles to split.

2) Secret touchplates aren't invisible:

They appear similar to shadows of a circle-shaped object; so when in doubt, look at the floor. I have also noticed that at least in the 1th episode the secret touchplates can also be corpses of overpatrol units even before they appear as actual enemies. Also these corpses lack blood like they're faking their death like the low guards.

3) Dog mode has a super-strong secondary attack:

By holding down the fire button you will activate BarkBlast™ which will basically nuke an entire room of enemies instantly.

4) Secret walls are darker than regular walls;

This is even tied to the difficulty.

5) It is possible to identify if a low guard is faking a death;

The "corpse" of the low guard will lack any blood.

6) You can heat up priest porridge for more health by shooting a rocket at it or shooting an explosive barrel that's near it.

Also it's possible to tell if a priest porridge is heated or not because when it's heated, it has a red flashing effect.

7) There are a lot of cheat codes in this game; use them; they're cool.

You need to type DIPSTICK to activate them. My favorites are MAESTRO, it's basically an in-game music player or EKG, which makes the ludicrous gibs of this game even more ludicrous.
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