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So it's been awhile since I played ROTT 2013 and I eventually gave up on the game's multiplayer after the long
lapse of a patch. I assumed that GOG user, I was screwed. However a couple of weeks ago I found out that ROTT
got a patch all the way up to 1.55 version. I was happy about this and downloaded it.

Somehow (I don't know if I clicked patch or setup...) I got both version 1.4 and 1.55 on my machine. That's cool I
thought. So I launched version 1.55 and resumed my saved game to see if I still had my progress. Instead of
having a complete game, I was stuck on the second level. I realized that I had to sync up my account again and
should probably do so to get my save back. So, I went ahead and did that. And....

It didn't connect to the server. "Well this is awkward I thought." I remembered in the past that ROTT had problems
in syncing. Sometimes it wouldn't take my password or I got it wrong because I had to change it. I also thought, "Do
I know my password?" because I use more then one on a variety of services and platforms. Unfortunately, there
was no option on the game screen to recover the password. So I opened up version 1.4...

First thing I did was check my save file as I wondered if still had the progress saved. Thankfully it was and I had a
finished game! So I thought, "Maybe I can just look up or restore my password and transfer it that way." So I went to
the password screen because I couldn't remember if there was an option to restore\retrieve it and BOOM! it was
there. So I click on it and it brings up Firefox with the password website. It came up with a SSL Certificate Error. To
check to see if my browser is working I went to another website and no problems. So I checked the Website in M$
Edge and same SSL Certificate issue came up.

So now here is where I ask questions about my problem. Is there website for the Account Sync Down or has some
other connectivity issue? If so, is there a way to transfer my 1.4 version save file to 1.55? I don't wanna do anything
before getting an answer as I want to do this properly while saving myself some time and pain.