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About the Level "This causes an error"
In the Level "This Causes an Error" Does just that. It Causes an error. The only way that you can reach this level is by using the cheat codes.
It was a Problem that the programmers had when they were first starting and it was a Big problem that they wanted to leave it in the game as a joke.
To avoid this error do not warp to this level.
Shareware Episode 1 Lev. 6 Gold Door
In the Shareware version of ROTT, E1 A6, you need to push the pillar closest to the gold door. That pillar is a push wall that will give you access to the gold door.
It should be noted that this is actually shown in the game demos. If you just let the game demos run for awhile you might see some other things you didn't know about. :)
Episode 1 Level 7 BOSS
In order to get past Episode 1 Level 7 you do have to defeat General Darian. There is no trick to this, But I can give you some help.
General Darian gets around via a network of tunnels under the floor of his room. you can block off some of these tunnels by pushing pillars over them. Before you let him out of the center room, push all 4 sides of every pillar.
The best bet to defeating him is to keep moving, also it helps to go in a clockwise motion.
Episode 2 Level 3 Exit
In the room (Level 2-3) the exit is in the center of the room. Once you get past the Spear Room and flip the Switch go back to the Main Room and enter into the Silver Door. The Exit is in it.
If you hit TAB the exit is in the DIRECT center of the map.
Episode 3 Level 7 Boss
First in Episode 3 Level 7, "Know Thine NME", you must destroy NME. NME is the large robot on wheels that move extremely fast. Once NME is destroyed, the you should automatically exit the level and proceed to the next level.
There is no quick way of defeating the NME, you just have to keep firing at him. One hint that I can give is that he will only take damage when he is firing at you.
If you just can not defeat the NME, then I will give you the exit codes. First, you must enable the cheat code by typing the word "DIPSTICK" while playing the game. If you have messages turned on, you should see a message that says, "Cheat Codes Enabled". Once enabled, type "GOARCH" to end the current level.
Furthermore - if you happen to get the NME outside the room he is normally in, you can crash the game quite easily. The reason for this is that when the game was designed, we never thought anyone would be able to do that, so we made no code to allow for NME to be outside his room. If he hits the spinning blades in the next room, the game will crash. There is no way to stop this - the only solution is not to do that. :)
El Oscuro's lair Hint
A hint to defeating El Osucro in "The Lair of El Oscuro" level is to not assume you're supposed to use all the weapons you see.
However, if you want to know how to just defeat him, hold down your mouse button and drag your mouse over the empty area right below this text.
The trick to El Oscuro in the "Lair of El Oscuro" level is to not fire at him at all. You need to just avoid him for awhile, and he'll eventually expend his own energy and die. Firing at him only makes him stronger.
Bear in mind that this is not the last level, there are two more levels with some variant of El Oscuro. The final level "In the Dark Nest" has a real big trick to defeating El Oscuro. Write us back if you can't figure it out, and need the answer.
Alone in the Dark Nest walk through
(This solution implies that you save your game several times, since you'll probably die a few times doing all this if you've never done it before.)
To defeat El Oscuro properly in the "In the Dark Nest" level, you need to first get rid of the two rooms of larvae that are at the start of the level. Do NOT go up the stairs right away. Back up, and get one of the heat vests, and look around on the left hand wall. There's a bunch of larvae in there. Destroy them, and while you're in there, go over towards the Oscuro wall, and you'll hit a touchplate. Then, go back to the stairwell, but do not go up, go into the similar room of larvae on the other side, and you'll note that a wall has moved back, and you'll be able to get the Oscuro key behind a wall that was in the way (it would have been in the way if you went to this room first). Get rid of all the larvae in this room too, and THEN you can go up the stairwell (you might as well grab a fully charged weapon and another heat vest befor you go up there).
Go to the top of the stairs, but do not go over yet. Look down, and you'll see two "rooms" in front of you. The rightmost one is the one you want to go at first. If you just walk off gently, you'll fall on a mercury mode that is suspended in the air. If you run off, you'll miss it. There's a touchplate around the outside of the aforementioned "room" that will allow access inside. (This goes for all 4 "rooms" in the main battle chamber, but this one is the one we want to concern ourselves with now). Anyway, inside there is a touchplate. Hit that touchplate, and a firewall at the far end of the room, a firewall will move out of the way revealing a doorway which is opened with the Oscuro key you got before you came up the stairs. To get over the wall, you need to do one of these things.
Try not to let Snake Oscuro get trapped in here with you, or it will make things very difficult.
1) Fly over it (if you got the mercury mode when falling off the steps) 2) Grab the firevest, and then the firebomb. Turn around, and point the firebomb at the floor. You'll fly up in the air, and over the wall.
Once over, there's a pushwall to be pushed. Follow the now opened up pathway, and you'll be led to the third room of larvae. Look out in this room, as there are a lot of Deathfire Monks in here, too. Once you dispose of all the larvae, SAVE YOUR GAME! :) You can then go back out the way you came in, and defeat the Oscuro Snake, and on to final victory.
Note: The Oscuro snake can only be hurt when he's over a firepit.