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I think subject says most of the problem.
I just installed rott 2013 for the first time and straight after that i installed the patch 1.4
The machine runs Win 7 pro 64 with directx 11.
The missing file is related to directX, dxdiag says directx11 installed no problems.
On my machine there is indeed no xinput3_1.dll but where do i get it and where do i have to put it?
which version of direct x is mandatory for rott 2013?

thanks in advance
This question / problem has been solved by triockimage
Got it.

I downloaded and installed DirectX End-User Runtime

http: //
Some people might have problem to install DirectX from your link, so just in case here is another one -

edit: added also your link as you can't post it properly due to low rep.
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