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Going by the cliffhanger epilogue in the credits, will the sequel to ROTT 2013 be a remake of EROTT or something even better?

A suggestion could be a crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog around the time of Sonic 2006 (debugged remake) and other Apogee/3D Realms games like Shadow Warrior 2013 and Blood.

While on the only slightly unrelated subject of a debugged 2006 remake:

My idea is that if Steam get these, then GOG should too at some point. I've already signed, and posted the link elsewhere too. At least two of these games are very important to me. ROTT 2013 gives a strong Sonic 2006 vibe which makes me love it even more, and if I learn how to use the Editor, I'd make levels in the vein of that game and others in the series if I become good at it.

Don't mind if someone beats me there though.
Post edited June 15, 2016 by darkredshift