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Currently, my thoughts on this remaster are nothing short of excellent work from the Nightdive and New Blood team, but there is one glaring issue that leaves a bit of a damper on the GOG version: custom levels and campaigns.

My problem is that usually, when selecting a custom level set to play, Ludicrous Edition will throw up an error message saying that no files are found in the ROTT:LE user directory, so naturally, I copied some of the files over to there, and that works...mostly.
Then, the issue is that the selection window only displays one blank entry with no option to select a different .RTL file. The levels still load and play just fine, but the interface doesn't seem to want to cooperate.

My question is, is there a possible solution to this, or will it be addressed later in a patch?
Not quite sure if this is something that's already ironed out on the Steam release, but it is a strange bug in an otherwise great remaster.

In any case, cheers.
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