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This is my first time writing any guide. I am very happy to discuss ROTT with everyone about this game.
I am a high school student, and this game is just not my nostalgia. I play it for fun.
I played call of duty MW3 and black ops, Farcry 2 and blood dragon, UT2004, and except doom ultimate, this is my first time playing a 20th Century 2D (maybe) shooting game
I just love it
But my first couple of hours are just miserable, as I thought I could dodge the bullets like I do in modern games.
In fact, you cannot, and there are some tips to allow you take less hits.

“First Strike” principle: you shoot anyone you sees so they don’t have time to shoot you, because shooting them to enter a state of being “shot” (you can see an animation for that), they are unable to hit you in that state
“Corner” principle: corners are very useful, because hiding behind the corner means the enemies can only hit you after they come around it, and this gives you a chance to fight back. Use every corner for your advantage!
“Clean Back” principle: the level design is tricky in ROTT, as you would often get ambushed; sometimes you will miss the enemies, and they just shoot you all the way from your back. Check your back and keep it clean for good!