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So i got this game ages ago and i have it through GOG and i've had no problems with it...

However now with steam workshop integration for mods it's significantly less convienient that i bought it on GoG.

I am aware for other games each mod developer is essentially responcible for their own mods however i have a couple of questions.

my first is more of a question of equality. Will game updates, from you guys, always be available at the same time on GoG and Steam?

Second is probably beyond your control but i would be interested in your thoughts, do you expect/hope that most mod developers will always upload their mods to another distribution platform besides steam for people that don't have the game on steam?

Third, is i'm sure a stupid question but none the less, is there any intent to send steam keys to people who bought the game via other distribution platforms since it is now available on steam and has some distribution integration for mod content.

Regards, a happy but concerned customer.
Hey Buc! Sorry for the delay, but due to the very low movement in the GOG forums, I rarely check them. I suggest heading to the Steam forums as I'm always there, as other players do, for quick responses. Let me answer to your queries:

1. Updates are always pushed at the same time on all platforms, but Steam is the only one with the Experimental branch, which is updated several times a week.

2. I honestly cannot control this. Up to each mod dev to upload it on Nexus or similar platforms.

3. Unfortunately this is not possible, would be unfair for Steam owners that GOG users have two copies, and would allow for GOG users to resell the keys, making us lose loads of money.

Hope I answered :)
Post edited May 03, 2020 by kubuspiciu