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Well I'm a fan of this game, no doubt, had I known of it during the kick-starter I'd have dropped at hundred for it.

So in case I'm totally ignorant since I haven't finished the game (currently searching for Silipso), I'll apologize.

Now a number of my comments are going to be inspired from and [url=]Operation: Inner Space. The comic is based on terra-forming a planet, however while the human inhabitants is about 50,000, there are some 400 million sentient machines helping in the project.

And to the features:

I don't see any actual wild-life present, yes it's in space but that doesn't mean a sentient AI didn't go on a rampage and then replicate itself a thousand times making a swarm and claiming an area. In Freefall something similar happens where toasters go rabid and will attack robots to drain them of energy. Yeah it's not totally logical in one aspect.

In [url=]Operation: Inner Space[/url] there a mini drone called an interceptor, which look like the classic asteroids ship from Atari. You could acquire these and they would spin around you and attack anyone who attacks you. Now if you have interceptors, probes, drones (or anything like that) they need an adjustable AI to try and match your needs and play style. This is not going to be the same as the turrets you drop that have only one job (heal, attack, slow). While those you would actively drop, THESE instead you would generate and they could act based on the AI. Think 'bee hive'.

If a simple programming language could be included this could be akin to (<i>and could be it's own mini games</i>). If this isn't feasible then programmed equipment similar to the ships could be added on to give them particular behaviours. (<i>[url=]Forth also an option as it's more universal behaviour rather than optimizing based on CPU cycles)

Now the AI can also be applied to the above mentioned wildlife (or flying toasters if it comes to that).This would likely be similar to building a ship. They could once programmed: Gather, attack, defend, push/pull/throw items (if several are working together they can chain-throw objects in a path to get things from A to B), act as shields/flares (sacrificing themselves to stop missiles from hitting you), act as a beacon (attach to stealthed ships and mark themselves a hostile target), attach to an opponent with and drain/damage or give energy/heat/shields, act as shields etc. If you program in morale they can have rules of when to run away (hurt or minimum numbers), relay commands (calling for help or to stay away), have preferences of numbers/pack, personal space, flanking strategies, etc.

Ah yes, I'd also want to see a ScreenSaver. By this I'm meaning either some missions being played out by the AI, watching SDL fights, lore of the universe, suggested strategies, or perhaps replays of exceptional missions (Like ones you got all the achievements on), commentary from the devs and authors. OR drop everything game related and just make the universe backgrounds run for 5 minutes at a time with spinning planets, shooting stars, flare from nearby stars, shadows as a large star's light is covered for several moments, just a bunch of space exploration type of stuff, preferably it will keep you occupied enough you may just want to watch the screensaver.