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Twice now I've gone into a room with the Archer, fired at a monster, and then backed out the door again, only to find myself out of combat, and the doorway visibly open but impassable for the rest of the game. In one case that made the mission impossible to finish; in the other I was able to shoot through the open door to kill the monster I needed, but was still unable to pass through the doorway.
Have now seen this happen with the Summoner as well, so it's not tied to the Archer.
Yes this bug is still here.
It even made my archer (best toon) to be imprisoned, as it blocked the exit of the dungeon.
Bad almost braking game bug.
Post edited September 05, 2018 by ERISS
Just had something similar happen - I had to rescue two of my team mates, cleared the dungeon but the door leading out wouldn't open. Had to exit from the menu and lose all progess. Hopefully this gets fixed with the next update.

Also worth mentioning: a couple of times walls were passed through, and two monters occupied the same tile.