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Everyone know about extreme, extreme slow mana regeneration in that game, like 1 point per minute or worse.

Some people found that there is some file that contain informations about character stats, but nothing happened after editing this file.

Turns out there are TWO Resources, one is resources.rvr and Resources folder that contain some files from resources.rvr.
Any changes done in Resources folder are ignored because resources.rvr have top priority.

So what you want to do?
Open resources.rvr with WinRar, WinZip or 7zip, extract all files to Resources, then delete resources.rvr.

Now open rules.def and under GAME STATS you have this:

MANADATA 25, 1, 6000

Change it to

MANADATA 25, 1, 400

and that's it.

If you want to tweak Health regeneration then change this:

HEALTHDATA 25, 1, 6000


HEALTHDATA 25, 1, 500

How does it work?
You have these numbers
25, 1, 6000

How to read it?
25 - how many hitpoints you get for every character level.
1 - how many points you regenerate
6000 - that's about 1 minute or something, don't know how exacly game calculate it's time...

You can edit anything you want in that file, just carefully read any comment behind "//" and do a little math before doing any changes.

Post edited October 07, 2018 by SpecShadow