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Hi everyone,

Reus has been upped to version Please download the new installer to get all of the latest fixes and features.


Fixed greed not lowering with danger
Lowered Famous Inn from 25 food and wealth to 15
Lowered Tourists and Adventurer's den from 25 food/wealth to 15.
Lowered Research Tourists and Wealthy Tourists from 25 to 15
Fixed Fishing Sport
Fixed Holy Banquet
Fixed World Heritage
Fixed Pangolin
Fixed Challenger Cave
Fixed Steel Melters
Fixed Sunflower crash
Fixed Uranium crash
Fixed weird projects popping up
Fixed Beaver tooltip
Fixed Iron
Fixed Mad Scientist Mutants
Fixed Tutorial crash
Fixed Laboratory automatongeneer
Fixed Factory Tireless Tycoon
Fixed Hospitals Medicine Lab
Blackdrazon: Someone asked me to cross-post so I'll instead go into more detail:

The new installer no longer lags on me like the old one, but instead it calls up the .NET 4 installer even though .NET 4 is already installed (the installer simply asks if I'm trying to do a repair). Moments later, a second, different .NET installer asked if I wanted to do a repair! Surely there must be a way to test for these things without bringing up the installer? Unless that's what was causing my lag before...

Note that no .NET installers appeared during the laggy previous installation, not to install or repair.
I believe you should be able to just cancel the .NET 4.0 install without adverse effects. Give me a few minutes to download the game and go through the installation procedure (I am at home hence the need to download :D).

Edit: I just checked and you can cancel the installers form .NET 4.0 and XNA if you already have those two frameworks installed. This will not affect the game's installation.
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