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The movement is bound to zqsd which is cool, but binding q to table of ccontents is really annoying, it really should be bound to a and q to previous page as d is for next page.

Otherwise really intriguing game! :D
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Came here to ask this. I wanted to buy it when it has been released, but the lack of control configuration stopped me.

It hasn't been added already? Inconceivable.
and my axe...

to grind. can't play this.

And it far from hard having a simple configuration file somewhere that allows you to change keys.
Doesn't need to be comfortable - but at least *possible*.
I picked this up last year, but I didn't get around to playing it until now.. I would have skipped it had I known it didn't have key re-binding. Lately I don't bother if a game doesn't have key re-binding since I have plenty of other games to play.

At first I sucked it up and played with the default keys, but I couldn't stand that for long. Finally I set up AutoHotKey to remap keys, but some games can still recognize mouse clicks even after re-bind with AHK and this is one of them. Luckily I have a Logitech mouse and the Logitech software can remap mouse buttons to keys without games detecting the mouse clicks.

I'm kind of glad I didn't know this game didn'thave in-game rebinding because this is a game I'd say is worth the hassle of finding a work-around. AutoHotKey is easy to use for if all you need to do is swap some keys around, but if you need to re-map the mouse buttons, you'll have to have a mouse that has software to do it.
Has rebinding been added? I haven't played the game yet :(